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Trust Your Inner Voice


Find Your Path Within


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I help extraordinary people achieve the impossible!


Hi my name is Elaine Spencer and I am a Self-Empowerment coach passionate about sharing the wonderful benefits of Louise Hay's mind body connection philosophy.

Using these healing techniques and positive philosophy we are able to be open and willing to learn how we can create more of what we want in our lives, including more balanced wellbeing in our bodies, minds, spirits and souls.

As a an internationally licensed Heal Your Life Teacher and Insight Coach working from Louise's book 'You Can Heal Your Life' I run a variety of magical workshops that help guide and align us to listen to our voice within, learn to trust life and ourselves again and live from a space of comfort and homecoming as we connect with who we truly are once more and softly become aware of the changes we can choose to make to heal every area of our lives.

I originally discovered Louise Hays philosophy when I was 19 searching in my local library for a meditation cassette tape (yes cassette!) to help me sleep better. I had just started my first job after finishing college and even though I did not clearly know it at the time, I was struggling to fit in with what I thought I was meant to achieve at that age and rather than listening to my intuition I let fear take over and underneath the surface felt very uncertain about life for quite some time.

After finding my confidence and love for teaching exercise, health and wellbeing I began to search a little bit more into the realm of meditation, mindfulness and how as well as eating well and exercising we could balance our lives in an easier more naturally flowing fashion.

Over the years I had continued to follow the Louise Hay philosophy however it was not until just after my 40th birthday when my body decided to really shout at me, even though I felt happy and doing what I loved, I wasn’t listening to my body and literally overnight woke up with extreme pain and learned that I had ventured into the world of fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue.

Determined to find a solution that did not involve taking strong medications that I felt would isolate me further, I decided to see this as an opportunity, as challenging as it was, to really listen to my body and mind, and discover what the pain was guiding me to pay attention to.

I have always been a great believer in listening to my body but it was not until I followed Louise Hay’s book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ fully and worked through each stage gently and patiently that I began to see and feel grateful for these new awareness’s and how my body had actually saved me rather than the opposite.

So here I am today. Able to share my valuable experiences and ongoing journey with you both professionally and personally, supporting you with yours too.  


Discovering our powerful inner treasures, is an absolute gift. I have never felt so free and at ease in being myself.

I know and appreciate how challenging it can be particularly when you may feel isolated, alone, uncertain and unsure, not knowing which way to turn and I can affirm from my own experiences that this does not have to be the case.

It is simply taking one step at a time, being kind to ourselves, discovering what works for us as individuals and asking ourselves;

What do I need right now?

Better health?

Life motivation?

Harmony in my relationships?

A new Job? and going from there.

I am here to serve and guide you every step of the way.

How does it feel when you picture living the life you dream of?

How does it feel when you hold onto the pain and don't allow yourself to consciously choose how you want to live your life?

What does your life look like if you do nothing?

How does your life look like by taking that leap of faith and joining me today.

Contact me direct to find out more.

What do you have to lose apart from negative thinking and a world of wonder and joy to gain.

With much love and I look forward to working with you.


You are safe, it is only change.’ Louise Hay


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