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Does this sound
like you?
  • You are open and willing to learn

  • You are ready for change

  • You are successful at everything you set your mind to

  • You are yearning for something more?

Be open and willing to trust your intuition

and your feel good 

will follow!

Elaine Spencer

'You are always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing!'

Louise Hay

You have the power to heal your life.


Often the biggest challenge we can face when we desire to create change in our lives is trusting to take the first step.

You will hear this described as taking a leap of faith.

Learning anything new can take time for us to feel accustomed to that chosen new habit or routine. We often vacillate between the old and the new so the key focus is to build ourselves up for during such times.

It is not about making everything seamless and perfect and only accepting the best, beating ourselves up and berating ourselves with constant inner criticism and ultimately subconsciously putting ourselves off ever wanting to create change of any kind again!

It is about being open and willing to learn, take realistic and bite sized pieces at a time, reward and praise ourselves as we reflect how far we have come and honour our gratitude for each new lesson and awareness along the way.

Louise Hay's philosophy is based on the belief that when we truly know how to love ourselves we are able to

heal every problem.

Often when we take time to reflect on our past, observing rather than judging, we can unconditionally choose to see our resilience, our tenacity and commitment more often than not in helping others over ourselves. Therefore by taking the step to being open and willing to learn to like ourselves first it becomes more natural and self accepting to honour our own needs first and therefore we no longer feel resentful or blame others for our misgivings.

A wonderful starting point is my introductory workshop

'12 Ways to Love Yourself'

Following this beautiful 12 step programme it really opens the door to the pathway to change for any area or challenge

you may be facing including;

Stopping all criticism

Forgiving yourself

Be kind to your mind

When you start to love yourself you: 

Feel better

Get the job or house you want

Your relationships improve

Turn your challenges into lessons, dissolve the negative and embrace the new.

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